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Dermaroller for Frown Lines on Forehead?

Microneedling for Wrinkles and Scars

Dermaroller is simply a brand name for several available, hand-held devices used around the world for a process known as microneedling or collagen induction therapy (CIT).

The device itself is quite simple and the concept equally so. A small roller, much like a mini dough roller, is equipped with a series of 90 or more spokes or needles whose lengths may vary from 1.0-2.0mm depending up the intended use. The roller is passed repeatedly in varying directions over the wrinkles or scars to be treated creating numerous, microscopic, tunnel-like channels within the skin of the treated areas, much like a mechanical version of a Fraxel laser. The tiny wounds created in this way stimulate new collagen synthesis leading to the desired improvements. In general, a series of about four treatments at four to six week intervals is necessary to accomplish this. Downtime is typically minimal, some redness and occasionally pinpoint bruises, but these usually fade quickly and are easily coverable with makeup by the next morning.

I have been using microneedling for the past five years and have obtained gratifying results for treating fine wrinkles and scars, especially those around the mouth, on the neck and the crepeyness of the cheeks and on the sides of the eyes. Microneedling should be reserved for static wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles at rest. Wrinkles and furrows caused by the movement of the muscles of facial expression, dynamic wrinkles, are best treated by Botox or Dysport injections.


Dermaroller – not for forehead frown lines.


I think you would be very disappointed if you proceeded with the dermaroller procedure for forehead or glabellar frown lines which are primarily the result of overactivity of the underlying muscles. These lines can be addressed with Botox or Dysport. The dermaroller might improve certain forms of acne scarring, fine lines and perhaps achieve a modest degree of skin tightening by promoting neocollagenesis. Before getting on the dermaroller “band-wagon,” I would need to see some well-designed, controlled studies proving the device’s effectiveness.


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