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Does Dermaroller Work for Deep Acne Scars?

i have tried subcision,erbium laser,scar revesion…but nothing worked for me, so is dermaroller better than this?? i m suffering from deep acne for nearly four year.i consultated a doctor..he suggested me subsicion..then he tried pixel laser..scar revesion..erbium laser…but these thing didnt worked well…he treated me for nearly 2 years…but all thing failed…i was satisfied…then i changed my dermatologist…he said me to undergo dermaroller which has excellent result than previous method….so is dermaroller really better for deep acne scar on my cheeks and temple region?


Microneedling is best for milder scars.

A dermaroller or other microneedling treatment can improve the appearance of shallow, diffuse acne scarring along with improving all-over skin tone and texture. For very deep acne scars, I would recommend combining microneedling with another treatment such as dermal fillers, laser resurfacing or scar treatment, including scar excision. In some cases, combining microneedling with a regimen of other procedures may give you the best results. Since some of the treatments you’ve tried already are actually more aggressive than microneedling, I’m not sure you’ll get the results you hope for from a dermaroller.


Dermaroller for deep scars

Dermaroller may blunt the edges of deep scars, but probably will not get rid of them. Dermaroller is more effective on milder or shallower scars.



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