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Options for Treating Fine Lines from Derma Roller?

I have been using Derma Roller for a couple of months now with Vit. A and C creams. The roller has left me with micro lines and enlarged pores all over my forehead. These injuries to the skin have not healed, even after months of not using the roller. Originally, I just wanted to be treated for the rosacea on my cheeks. Now I have the added problem of tons of little lines on my forehead. It looks like onion skin.

Are there any treatments that would help get rid of these fine lines? I’m trying out LED photomodulation treatment I am trying right now, because I have heard that it is a safe procedure. Will it help? I have very sensitive skin, so I am not keen on trying much else. Thanks!


Dermaroller probably not the cause for fine lines

I am not sure if the Dermaroller is really causing your lines. Other treatments based on the concept of creating “puncture” injuries has been duplicated using other modalities such as the Fraxel which uses a laser to induce a similar injury.

They are more likely due to movement or loss of elasticity. You may want to consider Botox.

Needling is similar to tattooing. As far as we know this does not cause wrinkling or fine lines.

Dermaroller probably did not cause the fine lines

Have you been receiving these treatments as performed by a professional, or are you doing them yourself? Dermaroller tends to achieve satisfying results for our patients, and because it encourages collagen production, it is strange to hear that fine lines have developed following your treatment. Please see a plastic surgeon to determine a solution for your wrinkles.



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